Don’t move until you’re moved: May the rest of your life be the best of your life!

For God’s sake: Did you ever seriously try to become more beautiful/clear attentive or sensitive for yourself, f. e. to deal(!) with your sadness, to cope(!) with your lonelines or to raise(!) your low self-esteem – seen in terms of rather existencial problems to be solved as quickly as possible, in order to enjoy the rest of your life? Probably attending courses at a renownable institute (of organized religion, unfathomable therapeutic humiliation, polytoxic selfimprovement or change management industry (The American Holocaust/Way of Life: „You first take the Bible and then the gun!“) and all the rest of anterograde amnesia, induced by female schizophrenia: „Auf einer deutschen Behörde?? Z. n. KV-Arzt – völlig vergessen zu leben!“) with almost indolent course leaders? [1, 2] Which means, you are obviously never going to learn how to be more sensitive for yourself!? (Manifesttly silly going to a school in Japan, India or some Himalayan town to learn how to be attentive (proudly presents …)?) 

… The undervalued asset, the endowment fund of infinite correlation and infinite organizing power: „We don’t try to try to „meditate“ with our full potential (clarity/beauty/Self(-awareness), f. e. very transcendentally or dynamically (as a regular practise: repeatedly, in the proper way/direction, that comes with a motive/center, to put the burning house on fire in order?), about (in constant search for) achieving one day in the upcoming near future the most stable and reliable form of fulfillment/selfsufficiency (the absence of the sense of lack: bliss, one’s blissful nature), hopefully lasting forever. Seeking in outside patterns and forms what is already inside: The ultimate, most exotic experience to be found and added to an invented incompletion to be completed? Proudly presents: Making the mind dull, as an achievement of constant repetition (measurement) – becoming completely insane, as soon as possible? (In competition with the traditionally highly recognised subtle madness of (Chinese, European, …) martial arts traning? Or in learning AiKiDo from highly intellectuals (Neurotics or narcotics? Preferably both!) who don’t know a damn thing about AiKi or themselves, probably searching for anaphylaxis or enlightenment?) So utterly childish (jealous): Being so culpable hijacked/bound by a so called initiation (offering fluids, flowers, fruits, candles, incenses, clothing, singing, dancing?), or a couple of those, to an oral or merely paperbacked „holy tradition“ of words or images, so virtuously rocking the air guitar of selfreferral nonsense (Dada+), touching the feet of a therefore so called „spiritual authority“ (which is not ¦ out of nirvana error: here – there – everywhere?), a beastly or a friendly one – a big brown one with a black beard or a tiny yellow one with a white beard? -, to keep and to be kept as a hostage to rely or cling on to (for the claustrophobic thrill: at Anne Franks closet, Berlin?), or whatever it is (supposed to be) – searching for identity, for security, for order??“

Seeing the danger and the beauty of it: Is there an – instant – action (in this daily life!) without time, without a beginning and an ending, simply without roots and fulfilling? Suppose that, what is it? Find out. 


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