Worry, misery, suffering needs company!

Heavily conditioned minds searching for spontaneity (Spiritual corruption/conditioning, searching for infinity - banging their heads to be free: "Don't get enlightened so quickly!")? The head alone, leaving the heart behind? [1, 2] Settle down the intellect (🤠): Zero - absolute non-movement, clarity/beauty: no confusion, no choice, no expert/authority (word, book, person, tradition), no direction - is all that matters!

Little knowledge is dangerous! Here, there, everywhere!? There is absolutely no such (i-solated) thing to know or to analyze (... to paralyze, to synthesize?), to think (... based on very limited memory/knowledge/experience: to see it, to name it and to get away with it?) or to worry about (... its future: the past transforming itself through the present, whatever this is, into the future?) - simply out of no-thing-ness (... the end of knowledge, freedom from the known)!

Atrophied by repetion? The science delusion: Highly educated intellectuals, who only look through fragmented knowledge as a means of advancement, the ascent of man through it, and keep repeating that? The imperfection of incomplete analysis grows more and more - like continuously practising the wrong note on a piano over time, again and again? Modern medicine (... the more diseases, the more medicines?), a science-fiction (... a clinical fantasy of hierarchically withered minds?), for example, progresses by a series of funerals (⚰️⚰️).

Simply by unfolding (defocussing) the retrograde amnesia, mobbing or pandemically self-reinforcing „vaccine for mutations“ attitude (a simple, simplistic vaccine solution - and a year from now on we'll have another mutation: The vaccine doesn't do anything! But the mutation does, doesn't it?) of highly recognized, polarity driven euthanasists/science fictionists - in fact the hosts of the genetic diversity/entanglement of the planet earth - claiming self pity with narratives/masks? The mortality and morbidity of the virus is directly linked to acute inflammatory storms and hurricanes in the human physiology: (financial) worries, stress, panic – self-interacting feedback loops, a sympathetic overdrive of agitated minds. 

To hack (interrupt, reframe) self-reinforcing limiting behavior by placing some of "the stuff that knows itself, only" around it,
like dropping a pearl slowly through dense fluid: In fact the hosts of the genetic diversity/entanglement of the planet earth? (Simply cought in some kind of retrograde amnesia or cognitive dissonance, blindfolded by their hidden ambitions/jealoucy, driven by fear?) In urban cities apx. 30 % of the microbiome has dissapeared. Directly linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, strokes; indirectly linked to cancer, autoimmune illness, propensity to immature aging and all kinds of human problems. 90 % of chronic illness is dysbiosis, dysfunctional biodiversity of genetic information in their bodies! Ecology is the main issue of their times: The air is their breath - the oceans, waters and rivers are their circulation - the earth is recycling as their body - even the atoms in their bodies will f       in the crucible of stars - personal and extended body are theirs, the planet earth is their body! (Deepak Chopra, et alli) Searching for infinity - beating their head to be free: caught in blindness, having accepted the childish idea everlastingly effort and suffering was actually necessary. Intellectual sophisticated division looking at vaccine, only? (After all: Is there an immune system independent from the observer (and his education/propaganda)? If not, what is it actually made of? Who is asking?) 

By the way: Is there an action without motive (desire), without a goal, without an end in view already limiting the action according to the motive (desire) and the end? Action is only the means, there is no other: There is a means of action, right action, when there is no direction (from the me: my demands, my desires, my importance, my security and so on) that gives a distorting factor in action! When there is no center as the me, then there is action without motive (desire). 

Caught in a network of words, an idea (illusion, abstraction) of truth/bliss? Following the fast track – the increased quantity and diminished quality of work (Fanciful talking about the virus in apx. 120 published scientific papers per day: "Actually, we don't know nothing about it - gracefully hiding within this process!") seems to be directly proportional to the amount of multi-tasking one can do: Since their time (intervall: with stresses and strains that might happen, which change the course - time as the most distracting, diverting, distorting affair, if not the most destructive) implying analysis (funnily enough: a fraction assuming the autority to be the analyser, a seeker observing through the past/accumulated knowledge?) is paralysis and synthesis, imprisoned in a fairly narrow, never-ending labyrinth that continually turnes back upon itself (self-interacting feedback loops)? Hosting the maximum of genetic information, the biodiversity, the microbiome of the planet earth (brain): ALL IN ALL! 

* We don't fight ignorance (darkness) - it doesn't exist: We simply hail the world (🌍), it reveals the whole! *